As the path of aggression and loud music came to a standstill for the front man of the band, "Blindeyes", he turned back to his beginnings. After several concerts with bands such as, amongst others, Diorama, Vision Bleak, Despairation, Crystal Crow and Remember Twilight, Aliaksandr Kavaliou no longer could or wanted to play that type of aggressive and loud music as it no longer reflected who he was.

Dark, melancholic metal by "Blindeyes" (Germany/Reutlingen) continued to exist until December, 2007. A sad disintegration and yet a beginning for something new. Or rather a return to roots?

Thus the solo project, "Shino", came into being, in which the pure feeling and the newly discovered spiritual side of life find the perfect expression in order to send the listener on a voyage of discovery within the depths of his own soul.

Acoustic guitar and clear voice from which originated "Shino" - melancholic darkness which finds, through the light of conscious, moving emotions, it's release.

A hand, which draws the listener through his own depths and brings him again to the surface, through an awakened consciousness, frees him from his own hell.