Loving You

your eyes possessing me
your pain embracing me
i love you

i'm not afraid of you
i am inviting you
to meet yourself

let me dance with you
through the fire of hell
to come to light

your tears are on my face
your sorrow in my eyes
we're not appart

and when we fall into the darkness
of the selfmade hideaway
and when you lose your faith
and when you lose your sight
and when you calling and is noone there
to rescue you from your pain
i'll be there to give you my hand

to give you my warmth
to give you my light
to give you my love
to let you inspire

to show you my pain
to show you my way
to let you believe
in you and your warmth

in you and your light
in you and your love
in you and your pain
will fade away

and i love you