I created the new area "donate". So if somebody wants to send me some money over PayPal, i'll be glad to get it. This project swallow at times rather much money.

By the way: as for now i will post all news on my facebook-account (just riding with the time). To the left of this text you can see the news on facebook.

Long time you've heard nothing about me.
It's just a creative pause.
I hope i will soon upload some new stuff.

The new review in englisch you can find here.
Thanks to the writer for his heartiness!


Just found one very old Song and also very old take
from "Bloody Salvation" 2007...
but it was never released in that version.

"Dying During Life - Remix"

Today i worked on the new song in german language.
Its pity that i have no symphonic orchestra in my cellar.
This song correlates with my old song "Forsaken Dialogue"
from the first album "Bloody Salvation".
By the way, there is one german and one russian version of this song,
that i never (think so) released in official way.

Here are the three takes:
"Forsaken Dialogue"
"Odinokii Dialog"
"Einsamer Dialog"

aaaand here it is comes on YouTube:
the new lullaby, the new evil summer song
... soon i surely will create one childern's song album :D


Today i created a new song, which moved me indeed.
It is surely not so dark, as my usual music seemes to be.
You can line up this song with "Schlaflied" (Lullaby)
A mix of the greatest ease, some profound childern's song
and a little dose of sarcasm.


The seeming contrast to my other music.

Surely I will record it soon and maby i will
release it out of the album.

There is a little review of my Album "Transition"
in the spanish magazine "Unheimlich (Cultura Obscura)" (issue 3)
on the page 78!
I love spanish, but i don't understand any word :D
i've just heard that the rating was rather good.
So thanks a lot to the magazine and spanish people! :-)
... gracias!

Afterall we have here today something new about Shino,
i create something like showbiz name by translating my real name.
"Alexander Smith" and "Alexander Schmidt" for german people.

Furthermore i break up with the term "acoustic gothic"
and the connection to Johnny Cash and Lestat in my band-info.
The former because i just make some acoustic music
and if this music match with "gothic",
it should be the decision of the listener.
The latter because it was misunderstood often enough
and i don't want to explain the things, that connect me to such statement.

There is nothing new about Shino,
but i've uploaded one old concert of "Blindeyes" on youtube.
So if you want to see and to listen to it,
you'll find the songs on my YouTube-Account.

New issue of "Dark Feather" with sampler is out now!
There you can read the very extensive interview with me!
And you can donwload the sampler! :-)
But sorry... it is all in german :-/

The time has come! The radio-special with Freddy on darkerradio
is on sunday the 17.04.2011 at 7 PM!
it will be worth it!
But you should learn german :)

So, my dear, starting today you can buy "Transition" as a real CD
made of plastic and paper! :)

Buy "Transition" on CD!!!

i'm glad to see somebody beeing so vintage,
because i am so vintage
and i'll get some money to support the music i make.

Buy the way... here you have the italian review of "Transition":
"Transition" - RomaDark
... pity that i don't understand italian, but it sounds wonderful!! :)

Two more reviews of "Transition" and one of them in english:


Here are some reviews of "Transition", but they are all in german...
so... learn german! :>>


The radio interview on 06.03.2011
with Freddy from darkerradio is canceled,
but we'll make it anyway in less stressed time!

This sunday (06.03.2011) i drive to Rostock,
to have there an interview with Freddy from darkerradio !
Its all in german, but i think i'll play some songs,
so just click on it and listen at 6 PM!

By the way...
meanwhile i've recorded some YouTube-Videos.
Nothing really special, i just played some songs infront of the cam.

Hello everybody!
Now i have here the official date of release...
and i'm sorry to keep you wait, but it's worth it! :-)

"Transition" comes on 22.02.2011 to the digital world
and you will find it on my homepage and by afmusic.

Thanks everybody for support and have a good time!

‎"Transition" gets off the starting blocks!
Recording, mixing and mastering is ready.
CD-artwork is on the very good way (thanks to Freddy!)
and everything seems to work out!
So just working on some homepage and other design stuff...
uploading the whole songs
and waiting for getting in contact with Falk from afmusic.

Soon... soon... you can hear the new dimension of "Shino" :-)
i hope you'll enjoy it!

if somebody wants to donate some money,
he/she can do it... now! :-)
...just get in contact with me (i hate paypal)

Have a nice year!

Yesterday i've started to record the new "album", named "Transition".
It will be not a real album, just a new "Demo"
with old and new songs, for some promotion purposes.
It will detach the "Best Of"-album.

Finally it the guitar sounds as a real guitar!
It was worth for to buy the whole high expensive equipment!
Today i have already 5 songs recorded.

And i'm really glad to introduce you the new level
of shino-sound-experience soon!

Afterwards i will beginn to work on the new real album,
named "Melancholia". This album i've already get
into starting blocks at least six months

Also yesterday i bought studio monitor speakers "Adam A7".
They have wonderful and pure Sound!
The next days i'll get the delivery of two shock mounts
for my condenser microphones.
Than i'll beginn the recordings.

Yesterday i bought a new computer!
Just expedient...
Very beautiful 19 inches machine,
to extend my home studio

Thanks a lot to XI-Machines for very good cunsulting and service!
This firm deserved a direct link to there homepage on mine.
So highly recommended for those who have some money!

And there will be new recordings soon,
if i'll manage my rather confused situation.

Podcast (recording) of the radio show is online
and you can find it here: PentaMusic-Radio Show

Just take the Ogg-File or the MP3-File
by "Download" on the right side.

Furthermore i'd like to point out, touched with a little bit proud,
that PentaMedia belongs to CCC-Dresden.
And i like the ideas of the CCC.

CCC-Dresden for CC in Dresden.
Great pun! :-)

The photos of the radio-show are online.

Tomorrow at 21:30 (german time)
you can hear me on the Coloradio.
Beside some words about me and the free music,
i will play some songs live.

So if you're interested in, just listen to the Stream.
Thanks a lot to Paul and Marcus from the Coloradio!

I'm back from my vacation and there are some news
to write down:
the single "My Mistress" was officialy released by afmusic
on 23.08.10! So thanks a lot for that!

afmusic - My Mistress

In this shop ("Shino") you can support me
by financial way: afmusic - Shop

"My Mistress" spreads its wings on the net!
So thanks a lot for those people,
who support me and fill the net with my music!!!

Webblog Micha-Schmidt
Musik Klarmachen zum Ändern

and much more...

Today i finished to work on the new single,
you can find the result under "the tone".
"My Mistress" is the name of this Song.

This Song is accompanied by four short further songs,
which are just intrumentally.
Whereby they belongs all together.

I hope this time i've came closer to the music i arised from.
Thanks for the inspiration!

It is strange to realize that the music i make
is not so pure anymore, so pure as it was earlier...

All songs i made since "Best Of" are not my favorites,
i don't like them really much... they don't satisfy me...

I made this music not for creating half things...
and i already create half things.
it is really strange.

The songs had real power in the past...
now they are just... songs

This music was me and i was this music...
and it has changed now.

I don't know what will come now...
don't know if i'll find a new way to make this music.

I will be supported by "Klang-Konsortium"
in Dresden now! Thanks a lot!

I'm really glad, that there is an alternative underground
music scene with people who listen und play unknown music!
Thanks for everybody who supports my music!

The little concert on 24.04. is over,
let's see if more of them will follow.
Thanks a lot to the young lady,
who bought one CD that evening!

And here is the MP3-Sample
of "Skeksis Netlable Project" just for free to enjoy!
There you can find one of my songs "Green Mile"!
So thanks also here a lot!!

Here you can download the audio-interview as mp3-file:

Radio Nietzsche Interview.mp3

it is in english!

Thanks to Jochen from Radio Nietzsche for this opportunity!

Shino-Interview on Radio Nietzsche!

Saturday at 3 PM EST Radio Nietzsche is LIVE
on the Rio Radio for 2 hrs!
Please tune in and support German music!

Just go to The Riot Radio's main site:
Click on to the "Launch our live music stream" button,
and stream the show live!
You can also listen all week long on the myspace page as well.
It's a free stream.

So, this saturday you can listen to the interview with me!
have a nice week and check Radio Nietzsche!

The new year is here...
and there are two years of "Shino" for now!

Starting today you can find me on facebook...
i think i should keep up with the time.


Well! The new background design is online!
The blood was wiped away,
the sword belongs also to the past.
Flash player with the new album "Winter Solstice"
find its way to my page.

And "Winter Solstice" goes online today,
with the help of Falk and afmusic!
So thanks a lot!

Here also the shop of afmusic,
for those who would like to support me with some euros:

Furthermore there are some initiations
for the new album, that will be released 2010,
but yet no more informations about it. ;-)

Thank you all and enjoy the new album if it is your choice!

The new album "Winter Solstice"
is completed!

The new strange song "The One" was born tonight...
you can find it by "Winter Solstice"

I have now an account with five songs on youtube.
There are no real videos with motion pictures,
but anyhow the first step on this platform.
You can find the link by "the connection".

As well i move on the 4th of August to Dresden,
in order to create my further future there by now.

And i also added the old song "Vampires' Love",
in a new recording, to the new album "Winter Solstice".

The new song "Green Mile"
found its way to the new album.

New homepage design goes online!

The language trip goes on.
Some days ago i created a russian song.
Translation enclosed.

So the new album "Winter Solstice" has already 5 songs.

Tonight i created my first song in german.
It's pity that i just have no possibility to record it.

But the lyrics are already online,
you can find them by Winter Solstice.

I also translated the lysics in english,
so you can find a pdf-file there.

It's really hard to translate lyrics in another language
as they were written.
But i hope you understand what i meant.

So, i'm still keeping well.
And i created a new song.
A further song on the new album "Winter Solstice".
The Courage Song.
To a certain extent goes this song to Ian Curtis,
the frontman of "Joy Division". R.I.P.
... and it goes to everybody who want to stay alive,
despite everything.

12 Days within my 27th Year are already gone...
the other will follow and i'm looking forward
to survive the "Club27".

Tonight i started a new album...
Winter Solstice.
Everything is very raw yet and i'm not sure
if the first song is the one i like or not.
We will see.

A New Year and also one year of Shino!

Thank all people, who listen to my music and support me!
Have a wonderful new year!

The whole lyrics were translated into german.
I think it's not so amazing for you. ;-)
Otherwise if you want to read them in german,
you will find the pdf-file by the particular album,
but just in german version of the homepage.

Special thanks, for the fine correction, goes to pati!

So, i have now the news area here

All free downloads are online again...
no greed anymore, if somebody wants to donate money,
just contact me :-)

There are also two new songs on the Unseen-Album:

Lullaby - an attempt to escape from the minor,
in remembrance of "Schlaflied".
Concept - probably the final song of the Album,
in remembrance of Yegor Letov.