The time were you could earn money as musician, with the possibility also to stay a real musician, is almost gone. Exceptions prove the rule.
There are effectively three ways to be satisfied:

- You make music just for fun and pastime.
- You make suitable music and the profit- and trend-orientated Lables/Booking and other limpets earn the big money. Therefor you get perhaps a wide publicity.
- You make music, because you want to make it and you pay for this expensive hobby much money.

The art appreciation nowadays cut itself more and more from the idea to support the funding of the art. Everybody has already heard about filesharing and "bootlegs". Personally i have no objections to offer my music in the net official for free under the "creative commons license". Why? Because i regard our time realistic and the granting of my music, for all, who want to hear it, is in the foreground for me. How could the fulltime-artist fund himself is the good question. There is also the question if we'll have any true fulltime-artist in the future. Probably it will be divided in true hobby-artist and produced fulltime-artists suitable to the mass.

That's why i state, that my music and this project have only the existance as the expensive hobby. Who feels himself touched by my hobby and who wants to contribute to it, he/she can donate some money over paypal. Thank you. But you shouldn't have any bad consciense if you don't want or can't pay. The CC-license, i did mean it.